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ZB wire works is a leader in the welded mesh and metal mesh industry. We provide custom metal mesh, welded mesh, welded wire mesh and architectural mesh products and services throughout the western United States including Seattle WA, Portland and Eugene OR, Salt Lake City UT, Phoenix and Flagstaff AZ, Houston and Austin TX, Las Vegas and Reno NV, Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento and San Francisco CA to name just a few of the hundreds of cities we service. Metal mesh and welded mesh takes expertise and in many cases custom machinery and equipment to get the orders right the first time. Custom welded metal mesh and wire mesh projects are never easy and take the type of expertise that over 30 years in the business can provide. Uses for welded mesh, welded wire mesh and metal meshes are many including Building Facades, Ceilings, Enclosures, Fixtures, Flooring, Grating, Guards and Guard rails, Matting, Partition Panels, Screens Heavy duty and light duty, Security Panels, Stair ways, Walkways, Catwalks, Signage and more.. If you need custom made welded mesh, wire mesh and metal mesh products call us today.